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Capacity of the machine for Bevelling Min4"  N.B. Pipe
Capacity of the machine for Bevelling Max12" N.B. Pipe
Outer Dia of the Sleeve 200 mm
Main Spindle Bearings (Taper Roller) 32219and 32220
Number of Spindle Speeds

Four Nos.

Cutting Tools Required (HSS 10% Cobalt


Main Motor 15 H.P., 1500 RPM
Max. Travel of the Sleeve

100 mm

Approx. Wt. Of the machine 4000 Kgs.
MachinePipe End Facing Cum Bevelling Machine
CAPACITY   4" to 12" N.B. PIPE CAP.
SPCN. NO.AMT- 1113

The Machine is used for the purpose of beveling the Pipe End. Pipe is Beveled from the Outer and Front is faced by two different tools. The Pipe remains Stationery and the Beveling Head rotates and comes out of the Head Stock for cutting the Pipe End.
The Machine mainly consists of the following: -
- Bed, - Head Stock, - Clamping Vice, - Beveling Head.

The Bed is made of Cast Iron. It is Very Rigid and sturdy in construction so as to take maximum Load and absorb max. Vibrations. It is provided with four Nos. Foundation Holes of Dia M20 at four corners of the bed. It is also provided with Four Tapped holes of 5/8" BSW near the Foundation Holes. The Head Stock and Clamping Vice is fitted on the Bed.

The Head Stock body is made of Cast Iron. It is Very rigid and sturdy in design. The Head Stock is designed for Four Nos. Spindle speeds. All the Gears are of helical type made out of Axle Forging. The width of gears is 50 mm. The Shifting Gears slide on Splined Shafts. The Shafts are mounted on Heavy Duty Ball Bearings. The Input Shaft will be provided with a pulley having three grooves for C-Section V-belts.
The Main Spindle is mounted on two Taper Roller Bearings mounted in Hard Chrome Plated Ground Sleeve. The Sleeve along with main spindle fitted with Beveling Head is mounted in the Head Stock body and is movable To and Fro along its axis. A Hyd. Cylinder actuated electrically makes the movement of the sleeve in the Head Stock. The Movement of the Sleeve can also be made manually. The Head Stock is Oil Filled. It is provided with Oil Filling hole, Oil Drain hole and Oil Level Indicator.

The Box Type Clamping Vice is fitted on the Bed. The Vice is provided with Round Clamping Jaws for each size . The Vice will be Self-centering type. The movement of the Clamping Jaws is made by Pneumatic cylinder fitted on the Vice actuated electrically. The Vice will be very rigid and sturdy in design.

A special Beveling Head will be provided with the machine. Two Tools of HSS will be used, One for Beveling and second for Root Face. The Beveling Tool will be mounted in a special Spring Loaded Tool Holder with a Roller device. It is fitted on the main spindle that is then mounted in the traveling Sleeve.

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